Out of Area Policy

All practices have a specific practice boundary. Burnfield Medical Practice reduced its practice boundary in 2007. All patients registered with us at the time, including those who fell outwith this boundary, remained on our practice list. However, we can only accept new patients' requests to register if they fall within our current practice boundary. 

If you are currently registered with the practice and move to a new address outwith out current practice boundary, the rules are that you then have to register with a new GP practice whose boundary includes your new address. 

The procedure is the practice informs Practitioner Services of your change of address, Practitioner Services will then  start the process of deduction from our practice list. This process allows you 30 days to find an alternative GP Practice during which time you will still be able to access general medical services from Burnfield Medical Practice. After 30 days you will need to access healthcare from your new GP practice. 

The practice must be consistent when applying this policy, for fairness to all patients, and cannot make exceptions to this rule. We are unable to accept phone calls or enter into correspondence regarding this matter at any stage once your change of address has been registered. 


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